days of resistance
since full-scale invasion
+38 (050) 615-28-86
9 Poltavskiy shlyah Str, Kharkiv

We care

We care about people, who can't care about themselves or need a full day assistance. We also support mothers with babies and pregnant women.

We help people survive through the war

We help people who couldn't evacuate survive through the war. We help those with limited abilities and those who require full-time assistance.

We provide comprehensive care

For people with limited abilities, we found a building, and converted it into a care facility. We also found nurses (whom we pay living wages) to provide comprehensive full-time care.

We feed and look after people in our care facility

We fully supply our care facility with food, water, diapers, hygiene products, wheel-chairs and other essential items.

  • On the first day

    On the first day of February 24, the bomb hit the adjacent apartment, a fire began, says Albina.

    The door knocked the rescuers and descended both grandmothers in the underground. Without water and light, they waited for salvation with neighbors for 3 days.

  • Albina and Lara

    Albina is 77, she is a teacher of Russian and Polish in college.

    Lara is 82, she is a violinist. Worked as a choirmaster, does not remember where.

  • to a bomb shelter

    Later, the volunteers took them outside, transported to a bomb shelter, put in the corner...

    People changed, and grandmothers still sat (did not lie). Only in a week, their friend Vasyl finally found and transported old women to his apartment in a 16-stories building.

  • 15 days went like one day

    But it was not a happy end, this was the beginning of the challenge, even for Vasyl. Albina could move slowly with walkers, but Lara didn't move at all. While Vasyl's apartment was located on the 16th floor.

    So he brought the armchairs, and again our acquaintances sat down near the non-working elevator in a freezing cold foyer. 15 days went like one day.

  • our first wards

    Albina says that in the bomb shelter it was much worse, because people walked along her poor diabetic legs.

    Poor sisters were our first wards. We cleaned up and decorated the room, even brought the flowers. But when we saw them, we realized how inappropriate our decorations were, especially the armchairs.

  • after 16 days... "all is good"

    It took us a day to bring them back to life. Grannies didn't take fur coats and hats, even in bed.

    Doctors also had a job to do. They could see the bedsores, but discovered the chair sores only later.

    Today, after 16 days, Albina with a smile brings us that she always has a good look))). Larysa to the question "How are you?" shows us a thumb up, meaning "all is good".

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