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Shelter for people who are left without social assistance, home and need daily care.

In our view, the production and construction of homes for the elderly is quite relevant for Ukraine today.

After analyzing the number and condition of public institutions, we came to the conclusion that they are not enough and all of them do not meet modern requirements and standards for comfortable living.

Therefore, our team seeks to create a project that will start the development of such institutions in our country and will meet all European criteria.

SBM Studio

The SBM Studio Architectural and Development Bureau was founded in Kharkiv in 2002.

Our main goal is not to hurt. We appreciate the interaction of people and nature and believe that we can learn a lot, respecting traditions and culture. We are introducing technological innovations to create unique projects.

Over the years of our work, we have been able to assemble a large team of like-minded people, designers and masters of all construction and decoration specialties that help us to implement projects of different scale - from private homes to public spaces, from visual and spatial solutions to processes and feelings.

Project team

Olga Kleitman

Head Architect

Igor Rozbeyko

Master Plan Designer

Alina Sokolcova


Mariana Ganzha


Yulia Mishchenko


Volodymyr Suslov


Katya Agaphonova