days of resistance
since full-scale invasion
+38 (050) 615-28-86
9 Poltavskiy shlyah Str, Kharkiv

We defend

We are those who stayed in the city in the face of full-scale Russian invasion. Kharkiv is almost surrounded and remains a strategic target for the enemy.

What we've done


Supplied with the means of observation:

  • 20 drones,
  • 10 thermal scopes,
  • 5 night vision googles,
  • 3 drones with thermal cameras.

Provided the means of communication and gadgets:

  • 100 smartphones,
  • 36 laptops and tablets,
  • 11 CCTV systems.

Handed over 20 generators to provide electricity in the field for 11 army units.


Distributed 4 truckloads of tactical gear: helmets, bulletproof vests, chest rigs, uniform, army boots, thermal clothes, socks.

Under the condition of an overwhelmingly superior manpower of the enemy, we must provide our defenders with all possible means of observation, prevention of aggressive actions and all possible personal protection items.

To protect health and life of our defenders, we need



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